"Strengthening Businesses
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- Hali A. Chambers, MA, PhD

Who We Are

Osborne Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1990. We assist growth-oriented small businesses in developing and executing long-term business strategies that produce measurable results and make an impact in the community.

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Our Services for Your Small Business

Succession Planning
& Management

We develop strategies to ensure you have talent available to fill key positions that become vacant or necessary as your company grows and undergoes change.

Staffing/Employee Recruitment & Selection

We design customized employment interview processes and provide training to ensure the hiring manager(s) selects the most suitable candidates for internship, contract, full-time, and/or part-time positions within your company.

Training & Development

We develop customized, engaging (not boring) employee onboarding processes, new hire orientations, or skills development/training programs to ensure your people are equipped for success and top performers stay with your company longer.


Our consulting team will provide you with expert advice and guidance along the way to ensure the talent management strategy, process, or program you’re creating for your business is built to last and yields the desired return on your investment. We will meet with you as often as necessary to review business goals, assign action steps, and hold you accountable for achieving your desired business results.

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